sara (johnnyclub) wrote in effin__hardcore,

Bring the Mosh!

[5 Favorite bands]Love is Red,Comeback Kid,Champion,Ten Yard Fight,Blood For Blood
[Piercings?]Septum I took out my plugs a while ago but now they just look like a cat's ass
[Tattoos?]Im too poor but when i get money Im gonna start on my half sleeves
[Edge?]Yup going on 5 years
[*Vegetarian/Vegan?] vegan for 4 years
[Last show you went to?]Comeback kid..Bane.With Honor
[Are you in a band?]No.
[Are you a "Scene whore"?] Hell no.
[5 favorite movies]Lord of the rings,Dracula (The ones with Christopher lee),The Last Unicorn,The Raven,Cry Baby
[What makes you hardcore?]Cause I puke on scene sluts(Literally it was pretty gross)
[What's playing in your cd player now?]Love Is Red
[Promote in 2 other communities] (put links here)

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