sayrarrrghhh (sayrarrrghhh) wrote in effin__hardcore,


[Location]Troy, NY... soon charlotte...north carolina. :):)
[5 Favorite bands]evanessence, taking back sunday, postal service, portis head, lacuna coil... en more... those were the first to pop up in my head.
[Tattoos?]not yet
[Edge?]what about it?
[Vegatarian/Vegan?]I like meat.
[Last show you went to?]Hmmm.... In bennington I think... it was a bunch of bands... I don't even remember all of them... local bands though.
[Are you in a band?]no... i wish
[Are you a "Scene whore"?]
[5 favorite movies]napoleon dynamite, little princess, superstar, moulin rouge, grease
[What makes you hardcore?]I'm just me... I love it. Nothing "makes" me hardcore.
[What's playing in your cd player now?] I don't have a cd player in here.... in the car it was a mix cd.
[Promote in 2 other communities] (put links here)I'll get to that.... do you just paste this site to another community?

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