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Bring The Mosh... and i'll bring the fuck to your face.

[Name] pat
[Location] jersey
[Age] 16
[5 Favorite bands] dillinger escape plan, norma jean, 7 angels 7 plauges, the chariot, every time i die
[Piercings?] 3
[Tattoos?] not as of yet
[Edge?] ...not in the least
[Vegatarian/Vegan?] no
[Last show you went to?] the last show i played
[Are you in a band?] yes. ex-fron person, now guitarist
[Are you a "Scene whore"?] no
[5 favorite movies] pulp fiction, boondock saints, resivour dogs, a clockwork orange, donnie darko
[What makes you hardcore?] the band im in. the fact that im king of 2-stepping and druken darts
[What's playing in your cd player now?] converge, pig destroyer, and a gorephobic nose bleed
[Promote in 2 other communities] (put links here)

X Post 3 or more pictures of yourself X

(not me but just as hardcore if not more)
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