Lilly Rose (_pussytrash) wrote in effin__hardcore,
Lilly Rose

[Name] Danielle
[Location] Heerlen
[Age] 16
[5 Favorite bands] Walls Of Jericho, Hatebreed, Most Precious Blood, Sick Of It All, Terror
[Piercings?] Nostril + Stretched
[Tattoos?] Not yet.
[Edge?] no, i love beer :$
[Vegatarian/Vegan?] No, but i don't eat mutch meat.
[Last show you went to?] Resistance tour ( Walls Of Jericho, Unearth, Sick of it all, Slapshot, 7 seconds)
[Are you in a band?] not any more,
[Are you a "Scene whore"?] nope

[5 favorite movies] natural born killers, trainspotting, Treu Romance, Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs 
[What makes you hardcore?] I'm not really harcore, but i love to go to shows and mosh. And i love the most hardcore bands.
[What's playing in your cd player now?] Walls Of Jericho (Bound Feed the Gagged)
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