Julia (stolen_darkness) wrote in effin__hardcore,

Bring the mosh

[Name]  Julia
[Location] Wv
[Age] 15
[5 Favorite bands]  Dead Poetic, Slipknot, Manson (don't know if you can call it a band.), and umm..  black core murder, LaSaveFave (two local bands)
[Piercings?] soon to be septum (labret/bridge).. If mom doesn't bail. 
[Tattoos?] not yet
[Edge?] nope.
[Vegatarian/Vegan?] yes
[Last show you went to?]  Kittie
[Are you in a band?] the wind ensemble ?? School honor band in other words.
[Are you a "Scene whore"?] no
[5 favorite movies] The Crow, Ferris Bueller's day Off, murder by numbers, wrong turn (even though it makes fun of WV), and of course requiem for a dream
[What makes you hardcore?] I don't really know, I just do random things, and people always tend to call me "hard core" or "goth" so I thought I'd apply here... plus someone recommended it... I know, Dumb reasons... But I'm drawing a blank.
[What's playing in your cd player now?] Manson
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Sorry for wasting you time, but Thanks for reading.
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