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[Name] Teylor
[Location] Sacramento, CA
[Age] 14
[5 Favorite bands] The Bled, Blood For Blood, Blood has Been Shed, Bleeding Through, Terror, etc.
[Piercings?] Only my ears right now. More to come.
[Tattoos?] Later. If I ever figure out what I want.
[Edge?] No. But I don't smoke/drink/have premiscuous sex.
[Vegatarian/Vegan?] I was at one point. But I get sick without meat. I'm all for animal rights, though.
[Last show you went to?] Hmm. Twisted Christmas. Which was MCR, The Donnas, The Used, Taking Back Sunday and Papa Roach. It was pretty lame, but I went with my boyfriend so it was fun.
[Are you in a band?] No. I will be eventually. Music is my life.
[Are you a "Scene whore"?] Fuck no.
[5 favorite movies] Wayne's World, Holiday In The Sun, The Butterfly Effect, Edward Scissorhands, On Golden Pond, etc.
[What makes you hardcore?] I listen to hardcore and I'm not a fuckin pussy.
[What's playing in your cd player now?] The Bled.
[Promote in 2 other communities] (put links here) I don't exactly have communities to promote it. The only one I do, I already promoted in today. But I'll promote in my journal and then in that community later.

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